The WINDGURU Report -
This is a report designed for wind-surfers, surfers, and kite-surfers. It also lists all the good information you need to guess the best times to go sailing, motor boating and wakeboarding.

What to look for:

For sailing we want some wind and preferably from somewhere in the North, anything from this direction ( off shore ) upto 25 knots will be very comfortable. 
For motor boating
again wind from the North is fine but the less the better, however we are able to find flat water close to shore to make your trip comfortable.

For wakeboarding off shore, we obviously want no wave and no chop. In Lagos, a North wind over night the dies out in the morning will normally create totally flat water. A swell of less that 1.0m is generally flat, and most swells from the West/NorthWest will be flat in the Lagos Bay. Obviously the less wind the better. Wherever the swell or the wind, we can generally find some place good to ride! - or check out our links page for other weather info is a US based website providing weather around the whole world! You can pick local city forecasts, aviation and marine forecasts and view statistical and real time information and weather maps online. Lagos Forecast